Matchbox Fire Department

Matchbox Fire Department

The Matchbox Fire Department started in 1911 with just 1 station, Station 1. Today the Matchbox Fire Department serves a big town (like Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.) The Matchbox Fire Department takes over towns that cannot afford to run their departments or just does not have good service. As the city grows, so does the department. New stations are opening up and old stations getting work done. This is one big department serving one big area.

Being in a big city and smaller towns, the Matchbox Fire Department has many different types of apparatus to make sure we are ready for any types of calls. There are currently 25 stations in the Matchbox Fire Department, with more new stations coming soon.

 The department works to better the Fire and EMS Service of the town. Mutual Aid is a big part of this department, you help us, we help you. Read more on Mutual Aid, click the tab on top that says Mutual Aid Towns. 

 There is a Youtube Channel for the Fire Department here:(

On this Youtube channel, you can find calls and videos of new apparatus and our Stations.  


In 2013 the Matchbox Fire Department has started updating old stations older trucks in the fleet.